Fitness at home provides one stop solution to all your requirement, whether you are looking to buy commercial gym equipment or looking to rent gym equipment for commercial gyms/Fitness center, Hotel, Corporate, Residential societies, etc in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore or in any other city. We combine various fitness products and gym products portfolio with expert consultation to help any facility create a fitness solution that’s a perfect fit for its exercisers we assure you to assist with everything from pre-sales to after-sales support, including gym design, member attraction initiatives, flexible financing options and unbeatable services. . We can put together a plan to convert a space as small as 200 square feet into a fitness area that everyone will want to use.

We provide Cardio and strength training gym equipment of different categories as per your budget

The equipment can be classified into three categories:

  1. Light Commercial
  2. Medium commercial
  3. Heavy Commercial

Leasing gym equipment

Whether you're just starting out, needing to upgrade to the latest gym equipment or are looking to extend the range of equipment at your gym, affording the commercial gym equipment you need to grow your business can be challenging.

Leasing helps you avoid the high set-up costs of opening a new gym facility and helps you to spread the cost of essential fitness equipment over a period of up to 5 years.

Why Should You Consider Leasing Gym Equipment?

  • Valuable tax benefits - 100% of every payment towards a leasing agreement is tax deductible.
  • Spreading the cost of your gym equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment.
  • Purchasing outright ties up capital, whereas leasing maintains cash within the business for future growth
  • Saving on maintenance and repair cost.

Annual Maintenence Contract(AMC)

Fitness at home offers a customized annual maintenance contract designed for your specific needs. Upon approval of annual maintenance contract, your facility and all the gym equipment will be entered into our database to track your inventory and service history


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Ensures your gym equipment is safety compliant
  • Engineer on site within 48 hours
  • Annual inspections
  • Callouts and Labour costs covered
  • Gym Equipment lifespan is greatly increased.
  • Greater return on investment!


1. Equipment maintenance

  • A full inspection of  gym equipment with a full checklist that includes: cleaning, inspection of components, lubricating components and diagnosing errors.

2. Call Out

  • Fully trained professionals available to service every major brand of equipment. On site within 48 hours. We check cables, check circuit boards, treadmill belts, treadmill decks, cycle pedals, drive belts, alternators and motors

Upon the completion of our visit we will complete a Preventative Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any down time in your facility.


Corporate wellness

We support major corporations by providing quality gym equipment at a reasonable leasing package, which ensures that all corporations will have the best fitness facilities with minimal capital expenditure. We have several cardio and strength training equipment models to optimally suit corporations according to the size of the facility, users and budgets.

Leasing Advantages for Corporate

  1. Option of up gradation of gym equipment.
  2. Option of buying after renting.
  3. Easy payment (less initial cost).
  4. No maintenance cost.
  5. Flexible payment plans.
  6. More tax saving as it will not be an asset for your company.

Corporate wellness program helps in employee engagement, employee satisfaction and increases productivity. Employees can do gym workouts and gym exercises to release stress as per their convenient time.

Health Clubs

Our complete range of cardio and strength training equipment provides personal touch, innovation and durability to take your facility to the next level.  Our innovative, high-end treadmills, elliptical and bikes creates a differentiating factor resulting in a unique wellness experience .New and existing members will be attracted to outstanding commercial-grade, durable gym equipment, which can withstand the hours and variety of usage found in health club settings

Hotel and Resort

Fitness at home understands the need of both independent hotels and international chains. A complete gym environment which satisfies both occasional gym-goers and those who wish to keep in line with their fitness goals will enjoy a premium exercising experience. Our full range of cardio and strength training equipment with space-efficient design will give you Cutting-edge over the discerning customers and differentiate you from the competition .We help in defining gym facility brand standards to next level which will boost customer retention and readily attract new guests.

Educational institute
Academic performance is known to be related to a student’s sense of wellbeing and progressively schools, colleges and universities are investing in a fitness facility that enhances this wellbeing and set them apart from other institutions.  We offer sleek, well-designed, innovative gym exercise equipment with excellent craftsmanship, strength and sturdiness .Gym equipment will help academic facility to deliver required gym workout levels and help students to perform various gym exercises.


In the competitive housing industry, it's imperative to differentiate. Gym equipment that meets the diverse requirements of residents and falls within budget and space constraints can be a challenge. We provide sturdy, reliable gym products that are built to last, enable comfortable gym workouts for any level of conditioning, and fit within your financial needs.  Your exercising residents expect fitness centers to reflect current fitness trends that include a mix of cardio, strength training and core gym exercises. We design facility that caters to residents of any age or fitness level.

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