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How to convert office space into a gym
Posted by fitnessathome

A gym inside office premises has now days become an essential part of corporate life. Employees do not often get time to workout so it has become a common practice to make them workout within office hours by placing a gym inside the office. Before converting an empty or unused office space into a gym, you need to have few essential things which are required in a gym.


The surface where the equipment will be placed is very important. You should avoid placing marbles or tile flooring as they are very slippery which may injure the user while using the equipment. Rubber flooring is best for a gym. The friction between the user’s shoes and the rubber is less which will make it less slippery and avoid any chances of injury.



The most important part of a gym is the fitness equipment. The quantity of fitness equipment will depend upon the area which you have for an office gym. In an office gym mostly you should go for cardio equipment like treadmill, elliptical trainer and exercise bike with a mix of few strength equipment like dumbbells, weights, benches, and multi-gym. Reason for preferring cardio equipment is that the employee should first be physically fit and have a good stamina rather than hoping to strength equipment directly which will increase the risk of injuries as the muscles are very stiff that time.


3.Motivational Posters

The motivational poster is of great help in making your workout and eventually helping you burn more calories. These posters will push you to workout for an extra second. When you feel like quitting just look at the posters and you will get a new energy to do more. You can use motivational quotes and posters of any famous bodybuilder.



To prevent your workout to be boring and dull, a fine music will work well in that case. Music creates an appealing and motivating atmosphere. Music distracts people from the effort they put in during the workout and reduces the feeling of fatigue. High tempo music increases the heart rate and makes your body be prepared for the workout.


5.Gym design

Placing of gym equipment is also important. Place equipment in such a way that user can have easy access to all the fitness equipment and gym also looks beautiful. Always place cardio equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainer and ex-bike in front of a mirror so that user can see himself working out which will motivate them and push them for a longer duration.


6.Fitness trainer

In an office, there will be the whole mix of employees with few already going to any gym or working out and few who will be just in starting phase. For all sorts of employees, you need a fitness trainer who would assist them to use the machine more efficiently and also prevent the user from getting injured. A fitness trainer will align the user to use the machine according to their fitness goal and help them attain that goal more quickly and in a smooth manner.


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