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Hiring guide for exercise equipment
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Which exercise equipment to hire will mainly depend on your fitness goals and your current health status. You can hire a treadmill if you love running and jogging. An elliptical trainer can be hired if you want to perform an exercise for upper and lower body simultaneously. You can hire exercise bike if you want to perform an exercise for legs.

Let us have a look in more detail which all equipment should be used when:


A treadmill is an alternative to outdoor running. Treadmill running is a great way to lose weight. People with their busy schedule like to run on a treadmill instead of running outside. The bad environment is also another reason for the user to not run outside. The user with knee injuries should avoid treadmill running. Even though modern treadmill comes up with shock absorption system but over the longer course and bad technique user might suffer. The treadmill can be folded so it does not take up much space. You can visit http://www.fitnessathome.in/product-list/Rent-Treadmill-Cross-Trainer-Exercise-Cycle to hire T-600 treadmill which comes with shock absorption deck.

Exercise bike

There are different types of exercise bikes like an upright bike, recumbent bike, and spin bike. All the exercise bike are stationary bikes and takes very less space. Upright bikes have the display which shows speed, calorie, heart rate etc. The user can see how much calories they have burned during the workout. People having back problem should avoid using these bikes. Recumbent bikes are mostly preferred by users having back issue at it comes with back support. Spin bikes are basically group cycling kind of thing. The movement on these bikes is very smooth. The user who is already into their fitness program prefers to use these bikes. You can visit http://www.fitnessathome.in/product-list/Rent-Treadmill-Cross-Trainer-Exercise-Cycle to hire B-400 exercise bike which comes heavy flywheel and dual seat adjustment.


Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers or cross trainers are the ideal machines for the cardio workout. Elliptical trainer covers and challenges both upper body and lower body. Elliptical trainers replicate a natural stride that allows users to simulate walking, running and stair climbing. Due to its simultaneous use of both upper and lower body more calories are burned. The user who wants to do complete body workout prefers cross trainer. The space required to keep cross trainer is very less and can be easily transported from one place to other. You can visit http://www.fitnessathome.in/product-list/Rent-Treadmill-Cross-Trainer-Exercise-Cycle to hire C-400 Elliptical trainer which comes with 10 levels of resistance control and a heavy magnetic flywheel.


You can visit www.fitnessathome.in to hire the fitness equipment with the flexible rental plan. You can also avail HIRE TRY BUY option in which you can purchase the fitness equipment after renting with some rental deduction from the selling price.

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