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Advantages of Gym at Office
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After a long day at the office, a trip to the gym often does not look a feasible option. With millions of Indians spending their most of the waking hours at the office, skipping out on physical activity is hurting their overall health which is affecting the employers also.

If employees are too tired to head to the gym after spending long working hours at the office then why not bring the gym to the office. An employee is directly linked to organization revenue.

First, let us look at how an unfit employee can cost you and why is it mandatory now to have a gym at the office:

  • The unfit employee stays absent 2.3 times more than a fit employee
  • An unfit employee on an average cost 40000INR yearly to an organization
  • An unfit employee is 18% less productive
  • Unfit employee loses 2 months of productive hours every year.

Benefits of Gym in office:

1. Reduced absenteeism

A company can save incredible amount of cost by providing gym facility at office, which will encourage a healthier workforce and will reduce absenteeism. Regular exercise will keep employees healthy which will make them less vulnerable to common illnesses; thus they will spend more hours at work and save your money.

2. Job satisfaction

When an employee is fit and healthy, they are more energetic, productive and are more satisfied with their jobs. Employees who are performing well at work are less stressed and have a greater level of appreciation and greater job satisfaction.

3. Reduces stress

One of the major reasons of absenteeism at work is stress and depression. According to a study the most common reasons that why people go to the gym is to relieve stress along with weight loss and getting fit. Working out increases the heart rate which improves blood flow and releases stress. Working out also helps in proper brain functioning, which enhances mood as well.

4. Lower health cost

Employees who exercise on the regular basis help the company in saving major costs. When a company provides a gym in its premises to an employee, it creates a significant impact on the cost incurred on medical provisions.

5. Increases brain power

Having a gym in office premises can help companies in increasing the employee’s attendance by 89 percent, along with an increase in productivity. Workout produces a certain chemical which increases the brain power and the employee will be able to work more efficiently.

6. Motivated employees

Regular exercise keeps employees more energetic, motivated and happy when they are at work. Employees with enhanced energy, improved brain power and more sleep leads towards a better overall performance. There is a connection between productivity and happiness; happier people are 12% more productive.    . 

7. Employee retention

When companies incorporate on-site gyms as part of the employee health and fitness benefits plan, it would be considered as one the greatest ‘perks’ by the employees. An energetic,  motivated and happy employee have more chances of continuing with the same organization  Employers now days provide gym in offices premises and use it as a retention tool.

8. Team Building

Fitness experts believe that working in a team makes an employee less likely to quit, more energetic to train and highly motivated to achieve their goals. Having a Gym in office premises helps team members to interact during their free time and discuss projects during group exercise sessions. You can also create groups, either within their existing teams or with the other departments that contribute to improving internal relationships, which is necessary for team building.

Once you consider all the benefits a gym will have in an office for employees, next step would be how to procure the equipment. There is basically two approach towards procuring fitness equipment. One is to go for out and out purchase which will involve a huge investment up front. The drawback of this approach is that you don’t know how much the usage of the fitness equipment will be and you don’t want to be in a dilemma of reselling the equipment and losing out on your investment. The other and a more logical approach is to rent the fitness equipment. The major advantage of this approach is that you will get the analysis of the usage of the equipment. If the usage is not what you expected then you always have the option to return the equipment.

Let us compare both purchase and rent approach:



A high amount paid initially

Less amount paid initially

No up gradation option

Option of up gradation

Maintenance by owner

Maintenance by the service provider

Direct buy plan only

Flexible rental plan

The only option is to resell it

Option to return if no use

Less tax saving as compared to rent option

More tax saving as it is not the asset of the company


As it is clear rental option is more logical and feasible option. You can visit www.fitnessathome.in to check the specification and rental of fitness equipment.





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