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Corporate wellness
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Corporate wellness plans

It is a well-known saying company that takes care of their employees, in turn, get taken care of by the employees. Increase in the working hours can hamper the physical and mental ability of the employees and this has led to the consideration of the corporate wellness programs. These programs are designed by companies to ensure healthy living for their employees as sitting for hours together can be taxing on their body and mind. Most of the big companies have this provision as part of the development plan for the employees. At this moment listed are some of the benefits of hiring professional services for corporate wellness plans:


•    Leasing gym equipment:

Going for out and out purchase involves high investment upfront. However, some firms can quickly do equipment leasing in the best quality along with periodic services to maintain them. The aforementioned is the easiest way to set up a wellness program for the company employees and motivate them to get fit even at work. The services include monthly maintenance, oiling of equipment and replacement of parts in case of any issues while exercising. Various flexible rental plans help in making this kind of a setup for the company. You can add a mix of both cardio equipment and strength equipment. Cardio equipment includes treadmill, elliptical trainers and exercise bike. Strength equipment includes a multi gym, few dumbbells, weights, and benches. You can add more equipment as per the requirement and the given space for the setup.


•    Complete gym setup:

 If you feel that you have the bandwidth and the money then you can straight away assign a designated space in your office for the people to make a complete setup of the gym in your office space for the employees. Ranging from weight training to cardio related gym machines you can have it all at prices that can be unimaginable to your pocket and extremely beneficial to the productivity of the employees that you are hiring. The contract entails a total gym set up in the necessary space to provide excellent services and smooth movability to the clients while they are working out.


•    Fitness activities:

A gym does not necessarily mean running on the cardio machine and lifting weights but also performing other fitness activities which are beneficial in increasing the stamina and keeping your mind relaxed and focused. Yoga or meditation is something which will benefit employees a lot. There are aerobic activities also which employees can follow with the guidance of a fitness trainer to increase their stamina and help boost their mental state.


•    Health and wellness talks:

As much as it is vital to get your employees to exercise, it is also considered essential to motivate them to go on to keep themselves fit. Little pep talks from time to time can go a long way in driving them to stay fit. Getting the services from the professionals that provide primarily for the corporate wellness plans can quickly do this. The certified dieticians and fitness trainers can suggest the best ways to keep the body parameters up and running even when being bogged down by a lot of work.


  • Bill Reimbursement:

This is something which people are not aware within the corporate world. Fitness equipment leasing company also comes up with this great benefit in which an employee can hire the fitness equipment at his/her home and get the rental bill reimbursed by the company. This way they can attain their fitness goal at their pace by working out at their convenient time inside the home


These benefits, pondered over in detail, will definitely give an insight into the world of corporate wellness and how the same can easily be managed with the services provided by professionals in the field. This will do a two-fold job of keeping the employees happy as well as fit enough to be more productive than usual. You can visit www.fitnessathome.in which provides various fitness equipment leasing packages for corporates depending upon the space and the budget.


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