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7 Fitness hacks for busy people
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Fitness Mistakes that Coaches are Prone to Make

Here are the fitness hacks that would help, and we hope they can help you reach your fitness goals as well.

1. Bed pushups

Not in mood to get up from bed and do pushups on floor. No worries!! Use your bed to do pushups. You just need 60 seconds which is enough to start your cardio routine. Doing pushup on bed is twice as hard as doing it on floor.

2. Maximize daily activities

You are going to daily activities like brushing teeth anyway so why not make it interesting and do it in a form of exercise. You just need improvise. Try standing on one leg as you brush, making sure you pull in your abdominal muscles tight. This will strengthen your abdominal and will increase your balance.

3.  Engage your Muscles

You don’t need to have dumbbells or weights to engage your muscles. You can use any household items and use them as weights to perform exercises. Keeping your muscles engaged will help you remain fit and healthy. You can even perform squats and can do them in repetitions.

4.  Stretching

The most common mistake which people generally do while working out is skipping stretching exercise. Stretching exercise is the most important or you can say the basic thing one need to perform before starting any kind of workout. One should perform stretching before starting the workout and even after the workout to cool down.

5.   Walk and use stairs

Avoid taking lift wherever it is possible. Always try to park your vehicle as far as possible in parking so that you can walk and burn some calories while going to office or any other place. Walking after dinner is also a good habit if you can keep it.

6.    Cardio at work place

It has become a common practice these days by the employers to keep their employees fit and healthy by setting up a gym inside office premises. If you don’t have this facility in your office then you don’t need to worry, you can perform various exercises using your work bench also.

7.    Get your Zzzzzzss

Exercise’s BFF is a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is the most important and overlooked component when it comes to your fitness. Lack of sleep falsely increases your appetite, making you more likely to excessively reach for those unhealthy treats. One should take proper sleep and should never overlook it.

So there you are. A fitness hack for every day of the week. Try it out. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let us know how you get on.

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